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PT MDT Solusi Indonesia is a team of professionals focused on proving quality turnkey solutions. We’ve gathered one of the best experts on each and every aspect of warehousing services. With years of experience, skills, knowledge and latest innovations we are proud to say that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction of our clients.

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We offer truly comprehensive temperature-controlled storage, supported by the most advanced technology, and to top it all we provide exceptional customer service. By partnering with PT MDT Solusi Indonesia, you’ll be able to focus on your clients, meet and even exceed their expectations, which ultimately will help you scale your business.

Our Mission
Our Vision
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Our mission is to become and stay a high-quality warehouse service provider that is customer-focused, accessible, agile, and cost-effective. By working towards that goal with all our devotion, we plan to be the best in our field.

  • Comprehensive growth
  • Helping clients
  • Quality improvement
  • Becoming the best
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We care about people. We try to create a safe environment for our employees and give them opportunities for growth. We value our clients and we’re dedicated to maximizing customer value through continuous growth and innovation.

  • Safe environment
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Maximizing customer value
  • Continuous growth and innovation
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Each day, our values govern every our action. They are the foundation of our work culture, our communication with clients, our business style. Thanks to them we’re able to deliver quality service that people appreciate and come back to.

  • Social responsibility
  • Economic success
  • Optimization of processes
  • Customer prioritization


Our Work Process

One of our major working principles is an individual approach to each client. We offer services that solve your issues in particular.

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We inspire clients to make their greatest business decisions when it comes to warehousing.

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